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Nelco MarineNelco Marine is extremely excited to be an official distributor of the NEW Xplore Truck Decks by Marlon. The new Xplore Truck Deck by Marlon has kept the same solid infrastructure but changed the side extrusion and a few other items to give you a quality truck deck.

NEW FOR 2019! (Click here to see what's new.)

  • Aluminum construction
  • Plywood decking
  • 2 Front Superclamps
  • Supertrac tie-downs that run the length of the deck
  • LED bullt lights on the headache rack and under the deck
  • 10' telescopic ramp
  • Beefy side extrusion for easy grip and great looks
  • UHMW embedded in slide out arms - sides slide out with ease
  • UHMW on ramp tray makes ramp movement easy
  • Sliding adjustable legs
  • Aluminum decking standard
  • 2 Rear Superclamps w/ Supertrac & tie-downs
  • Superglides set up in 3 locations for outside orcenter loading

Xplore Truck Deck


Xplore Truck Deck

Xplore Truck Deck
The same solid architecture as previous Marlon sled decks with exclusive new features - Xplore with the next generation of truck deck!


Xplore Truck Deck
Supertrac runs the length of the side extrusion at a 45 degree angle. All models come with Supertrac on both sides, with four tie downs.


Xplore Truck Deck
Superglide track built into the side extrusion - adds room to the deck surface width and is equipped with embedded UHMW on the slides.


Xplore Truck Deck
LED bullet lights in your headache rack for assistance when loading and unloading. Lights underneath to light up your cargo space.


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