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NEW for 2018 Decks



This year we have made some subtle but substantial changes to our decks with help from Pro Riders, BRP Ambassadors, the Marlon Team and our great end users for giving us ideas and helping make our decks easier to use and packed with features!

Here you go ...


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Marlon Xplore Slide Out Pin
Slide out pin moved to rear for easier access. Rear loading bar shortened but widened at the slide out sided making it easier to hook your outside ramp hook onto the loading bar securely.


Marlon Xplore Banjo Wiring
Banjo wiring to connect the slide out side to the main deck frame!


Marlon Xplore Superglides
All Superglides extended closer to the headache rack including the Superwide glide on the slide out sides. Cut to match the side openings for the Superclamp tie downs!


Marlon Xplore Slide out side stops
Slide out side stops located on the front and back frame for those extra strong men and women who really want to pull out their sides! We will let you know when to stop now.


Marlon Xplore Ramp Rung
Optional Xplore Ramp Rung protector for additional grip when walking down your ramp or for those back East who use snowmobile lugs - add the Xplore Ramp Rung protectors and save a ramp!


Marlon Xplore Tie Down Leg
Secondary leg tie down positions now located to the outside of the leg with a large hole to accommodate various turn buckles and provide a better angle. Keep in mind we do not recommend tying your deck down by using these tie downs only, but used as a secondary back up they are great. Use the tie down bolt in kits provided with each deck.


Thanks to all who provide feedback and are helping us provide the #1 deck in the industry!

Now get out and Xplore!


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