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Marlon 2019 Xplore Aluminum Truck Deck CDN Pricing

New for 2019 Season:

Xplore and Xplore Pro
  • Superglide extrusion incorporated into the deck side extrusion.
  • New side extrusion incorporates Supertrac tie down formultiple adjustable tie down points.
  • Taller side extrusions with easy grip side pull feature.
  • Plug at the end of the wiring harness to plug into your truck trailer plug.
  • Clear LED bullett lights under deck to replace single LED light.
  • Clear LED bullett lights (4) mounted on top bar of headache rack.
  • Xplore Pro comes fully featured aluminum decking, Superglides on decking, Rear SuperClamps
  • 13.5" Superglides mounted on outer pull out sides on Pro models
  • New Improvments
  • Banjo Wire for slide out sides
  • Side slide out stop
Xplore Truck Deck Fit Guide
Please check this handy chart to get a perfect fit for your truck.

Xplore Truck Deck Installation & Assembly Instructions
Click here for detailed instructions.

2019 Marlon Xplore Deck Models
(Prices in CDN Funds, Shipping Extra)
Price Canadian Flag
  8' Truck Deck (fits 6.5'-8' truck box). Comes with 10' Telescoping Ramp.
  7' Truck Deck (fits 5.4'-6.5' truck box). Comes with 10' Telescoping Ramp.
  Note - 5.4' short box trucks require the 8.5' ramp exchange.

Above decks come standard with the following:
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  • Super Trac down both sides c/w 4 hooks for securement purposes
  • Custom Side Extrusion c/w extrusion for superglide & Trac built in
  • LED Bullett lights in the headache rack
  • Telescoping Ramp 10' long x 55" wide
  • LED Bullet Lighting on Deck Sides
  • Adjustable Legs
  • LED Bullet Lighting mounted under deck c/w toggle switch
  • Two Front Superclamps
  • One Additional Center Tie Down Hook
  • UHMW and Custom Extrusion for easier slide in sides
  • UHMW on ramp tray
  • Hardware Kit for installation into truck box
  • Wood Decking- no warranty on wood.

2019 Marlon Xplore Pro Deck Models
(Prices in CDN Funds, Shipping Extra)
Price Canadian Flag
  8' Truck Deck (fits 6.5'-8' truck box). Comes with 10' Telescoping Ramp.
  7' Truck Deck (fits 6.5' truck box). Comes with 10' Telescoping Ramp.

All Xplore Pro Decks come with Xplore Deck Standard Items above plus the following:
  • "Xplore Pro" Decal
  • All Aluminum Decking
  • Two Rear Superclamps c/w supertrac and deck hook Tie Down Hooks
  • SuperGlides set up in three locations for outside and center loading

8' Truck Deck
7' Truck Deck
 Overall Length  104"  Overall Length  92"
 Deck Length  96"  Deck Length  85.5"
 Width Extended  102"  Overall Length  102"
 Width Retracted  75"  Deck Length  75"
 Weight (aluminum decking, no ramp)  358 lbs.  Weight (aluminum decking, no ramp)  323 lbs.

Xplore and Xplore Pro Options
(Popular Options - Upgrades - ADD)
Price Canadian Flag
    Aluminum Decking (no wood in deck)
  Paint Finish  
    Gloss Black Powder Coat Sides and Headache Rack
    Gloss Black Powder Coat - Headache Rack
    White Powder Coat (Special Order Only, Not Stocked)
  Leg Riser  
    Provides larger support base plate and allows the leg to be
    adjusted up for various truck depths. Sold individually for each leg.
  Deck Extension (comes with new LED running and signal light)  
    Extension Brushed Aluminum Finish - Wood Decking
    Extension Black Finish - Wood Decking
    Extension Brushed Aluminum Finish - Aluminum Deck
    PRO Extension Brushed Aluminum - Aluminum Deck
    Extension Black Finish - Aluminum Deck
    PRO Extension Black Aluminum - Aluminum Deck
    All extensions include 10" of SuperTrac on each side.
  Ramps (new Xplore II ramp design)  
    12' Ramp Upgrade Exchange (longbox trucks only)
    8.5' Ramp Exchange (required for super short boxes 5.5')
  Side By Side Ramps Attaches to Existing Deck Ramp  
    UTV/OHV 10' Long 16" Wide
    UTV/OHV 12' Long 16" Wide
  Spare Ramps  
    10' Telescopic Ramp c/w glides
    12' Telescopic Ramp c/w glides
    8.5' Telescopic Ramp c/w glides
  NEW Ramp Extension  
    For 2017/2018. Adds 24" to length to your ramp.
  NEW Truck Deck Racks  
    Truck deck Racks 500 lbs Carrying capacity painted steel
  NEW Aluminum Decking Kit to change out existing decks to Aluminum Flooring
    (does not include labour)
    Aluminum Deck Kit for ADTK-08
    Aluminum Deck Kit for ADTK-06
    Aluminum Deck Kit for ADTK-07
    SuperGlides II PRO w/screws (8 pieces or 20' enough for one sled on 10' deck or trailer)
    NEW Super Glides II PRO Wide (23" wide) w/screws (8 pieces or 20' enough for one sled on 1)
    Superglide Extrusion Kit holds glides in place.
    Above kit includes 4 x 10' extrusions and 48 wood screws matches 1 box of superglides
    for one side or sled.
    Superglide deck kit installation, standard deck
    Rear Superclamps c/w Supertrac
    Additonal Front Superclamps
    Additonal Deck Hooks
    Supertrac 7' (1 piece)
    Supertrac 8' (1 piece)
    Supertrac End Caps
    Additional SuperTrac tie down hook
  Superclamp Cross Bar Protector  
    NEW Ramp Cross Bar Protector with traction bulk - 1 piece c/w 3 screws
    NEW Ramp Cross Bar Proctector with traction kit - 24 pieces c/w 72 screws

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